Unluckly It was heavy rain. The Miserable fallen leaves were patched and Mashed under rain attack And the Plane trees that became bald and bitter. I turned to the Trocadéro field and made my steps faster. The steep rain, at least was good to prevent the dust and dirt going into your eyes! And from the balded planes, you can better see the Eiffel Tower. "tour Eiffel!"وسط چین

The corner of Trocadéro Square was an old cafe with the same name. Café du Trocadéro. The outside tables and chairs had were wet and tangled. It's as if outsiders have fled for years!

ady! Why did you set our meeting today?! Maybe the poor lady did not know the weather is become so distorted today! Did she know? No idea! 
The classmate I know, absolutely does not work with the weather. she knows Only "Café" and "lesson"! The end of my nagging! Point!
Me and "L'étoile" had been working on a joint project for a few months at the college. Several times he invited me to his private house. But every time I Refused. One day he got upset and asked the cause. Inevitably I said: "Forgive Madame! I am a Muslim and in our religion, it is not permissible to be alone with a single woman. "
"Oh! That's ok! We set a meeting in one cafe!" She said. And I accepted. Regarding my religious beliefs, it was better than her home!
Over and over, between classes, we went to the University's small cafe and carried on the project. And Holidays at that old cafe, on the corner of Trocadéro Square. Especially since she realized that I am a Muslim; she was asking me too much about Islam.
And that rainy day. October 17, 2016. I entered the cafe and sat down beside the glass, behind the Habitual table. But this time it was so foggy. I got up to make the glass little clean so I could see the Eiffel bite! But it did not make any difference! Sight was under a hundred meters! not clear for takeoff!
always I was getting there earlier and that day as usual. And by habit, I always ordered two Columbian coffee. In her own words: " café coghombien!"
"L'étoile" Arrived in a hurry. It was a joke with redness in her nose head, And the leaves that were cling to her clothes, and the soaked floor in the cafe that she was making it wetter!
"lady L'étoile! You couldn't have a better day?!" I said.
"Today is fighting poverty day!"she said. "Okay!". I looked at her meaningfully and said. "It's an important day for us, the French. I wanted you to be part of this great memory" she said plainly. 
I requested coffees. He sat down and continued: "19 years ago, just on the same day, on October 17, 1987, "The father Joseph Resinsky" invited people to gather in honor of the victims of poverty in the same area of Trocadero. Thousands of people came to demonstrate here to eradicate poverty! Is it believed? 100,000 people in the middle of Paris! "
"And you deeply believe in this struggle. is it true"? I said.
"Yes," she said. "I swear to continue the way of Father Joseph and I do not want any poor people on earth."
"Well. good!" I said kiddingly 
"Non! Non! I asked you to be here today, Because I remember you said one day: Islam does not differentiate between the poor and the rich, and the criterion of superiority is the "humanity" of them. " she said.
"Yes piety! Piété!" I said. I tried to be more serious.
"I will strive to eradicate poverty for the rest of my life, and I think this invitation from Father Joseph is very close to your religion." she said.
I dropped my head down and thought for some time. "Have i made an annoying Talk?" she looked at me and with concern said. 
"It's very interesting to me. do you know today What's this day for us Muslims? I said. "Non!" she said. 
"15 Muharram! Five days after the death of Hossein, the grandson of our Prophet. and we mourn these days. do you know, Hussein, for what was killed?" I said. "Non!" she said.
"to fight poverty!" I said. Her beautiful eyes were round: "Do you say the right?" she said. I smiled and said: "Yes. One thousand and four hundred years ago, when Hussain saw an Unworthy ruler named "Yazid" plunding people's Religion and destroying properties; he fought with him and stood against his oppression and injustice. Eventually, on the 10th day of Muharram, he sacrificed his life and his few Sweethearts in this way. From that day on, his way and his famous saying, inspired millions in the world: is there someone who helps us?"
L'étoile screamed shortly and shook her hands happily: "Wow! How much like Father Joseph! I knew you and I got to the same points. Tell me more about Hussain. "
"Hossein taught us all that we must fight poverty and discrimination in order to build our future. people must commit themselves in this way. Hossein himself was doing a lot of charity. One of the peaks of Hussein's life is when the water of his enemies was over. He shared his water with his opponents and fed his thirsty soldiers and animals. He even spun between them and poured water on them with his own hands." I said and kept silent. L'étoile was so shocked that force me keeping to speak.
- Have you ever heard about "Quarante jours" ?! We Muslims and many others Mourn in Hussein's womb for forty days and in "Quarante jours" _40th day_ we go on foot to his shrine! and we show that it can be at least in 50 miles, with tens of millions of lover, and tens of days; while no one Hungry and needless. It is with hands of the great men that they themselves need to those foods more! 40th is the end of 40 days of kind And the beginning of 40 years of hope for humanity ...
I felt that the L'étoile's hairs Tied up by the hairs of "Hussein, peace be upon him". and this knots became blinder and blinder after that. And the corner of those nodes was a deep knot on my heart ...
From that day on, we were going to the poorer neighborhoods of Paris with other college students. L'étoile _that as his name, was a star_ that made those dark houses Bright. she examined them becouse she was a qualified doctor and the rest of us provided them with food and medicine And other small and big things. Some of group with name of Father Joseph, and some like us, with name of Aba-abdellah.
This is the beginning of a grand way, that will Arrived to all the poor hands and to wipe out all the tears that have been Runs from innocent faces. with God's help.
The End
by: Seyed Mohammad Hasan Lavasani